#20Trades isn't a strategy, it is a trade psychology, a mindset, of choosing highly probable trades. At Trade Talk Media, we use unusual options activity as our edge in the markets. Applying the #20trades concept to our options trading, we have found an extremely reliable and consistent way to get into high probability trades.

#20trades is a trading psychology. We're using this mindset to dial in our trading to highly probable setups, eliminating taking on risk by taking trades that have a low chance of generating a profit. The #20trades psychology is simple. Let's say your broker called you up and said, "We have a new rule in place. You are only allowed to make 20 trades this year." The #20trades concept is deciding which trade setups you would be willing to use one of your limited amounts of trades on. So, every time we see a trade setup, we are asking ourselves, "If I only had 20 trades to make this entire year, would the setup I'm looking at be one I'd be willing to use up one of those 20 trades on?" If the answer is yes, we take that trade. If the answer is no, we can still take the trade, we just understand there is more risk involved, and a higher chance of it not generating a profit.

Now, this doesn't mean we are only looking for twenty trades to place. It is a concept of "IF" we were only allowed to, would the current setup qualify. We may have a few trades a month, we may have a few trades a day. It really comes down to how likely is this setup going to generate profits for us?

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These trades have performed extremely well, but we still advise proper trade management when entering future trades.

What Makes A Trade A #20trades Setup?

Everyone trades the market differently. There are tons of strategies out there to base entries and exits on. A #20 trades setup is any trade that you would be willing to make, if you were only allotted 20 trades for the entire year. If you were looking at a setup and thinking, "Hmm, I don't know if I really like this one, but I guess it's ok," that isn't a #20trades trade. The #20trades are the trades where you spot the entry and scream, "YES! THAT'S the setup I've been waiting for all along!"

How Does Trade Talk Media Spot These Trades?

We define our edge in trading by using unusual options activity. We have become really specialized in the type of trading we do. We are using an options scanner to find options positions that the big money funds are aggressively entering. When we see these funds putting their capital to work in a certain manner, we are simply piggybacking on their ideas and following them into the trade.

What Qualifies As A #20trades Trade From Unusual Options Activity?

Using the scanner, we are looking for aggressive entries from the big money funds. We have found a consistent pattern in how they deploy their capital that routinely generates a profit. These funds don't "yolo" trades. They don't enter a position and simply hope it works out. So, we are looking for their high conviction trades. The high conviction trades are the ones where they want a large position, try to get into it as quickly as possible, and don't even care what they pay for the position. If they can't get in fast enough and don't care what they fill at, there's a reason for that. We will never know what those reasons are, but the good news is we can watch what they are doing live!

What Type Of Trades Are We Looking For?

Some of the consistent patterns we see that routinely generate profits are the ones that are multiple million dollar positions. Remember these are large funds. So, if they open a position for $100,000, while that may be a large position for you and I, it just isn't for them. So we want to see them put multiple millions of dollars into a specific trade.

It isn't just multiple millions of dollars, though. We want to see it in sweeps that are filled on the ask, or even above the ask. This is showing the aggressive entry. This is showing that they care more about getting the position filled than they care about what price it fills at.

These transactions will usually hit the scanner over and over. We see them repeatedly hitting the same contract over and over, for hundreds of thousands of dollars at a time. One of the things we've seen in the more successful trades is when each time they buy the contracts, the price of the contracts is driven up. Even though the price is increasing, they are still sweeping into the position to get more of it.

Below is a checklist of some of the things we are looking for.

What are the results from following these trades?

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What's the next step?

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